President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has made a working trip to Ahal Velayat where the Head of the State inspected the course of construction of new industrial complexes as well as work carried out in agricultural fields and at bakery production complex of Ahalgallaönümleri Production Association.

Early in the morning, helicopter of the Head of the State went toward Babadayhan etrap where modern textile complex is under construction at present. According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, 3,300 tons of “Compact penye” fine fibre yarn would be made each year at this big facilities designated for processing of 5,000 tons of fine fibre cotton.

It is planned to make 20 million square meters of high quality fabrics, including 18 million square meters of dyed fabrics and 3.5 million ready-made articles from received yarn. The construction of the complex has started in May 2018 while the commissioning is planned in 2021.

The project of the facilities provides full cycle of works starting from processing of cotton fibre to manufacturing of ready-made products. It is planned to open number of workshops for production of yarn, fabrics and sewing of ready-made products.

Development of textile industry leads to the growing of working places and strengthening of the economy. This is the reason the industry is supplemented with construction of new facilities. It is worth to mention that Babadayhan etrap is one of the biggest by production of raw cotton.

Construction of textile complex in this place will allow processing produced cotton on site, which in its turn will reduce transportation cost and increase the profit. Therefore, the etrap will turned into industrial etrap, which will enhance its economic potential.

Existing high demand on natural yarn and fabrics, clothes made of this eco-friendly material has provided priority place to textile industry in development of the economy and agricultural complex of the country.

In the result of dynamic growth of textile industry by active implementation of modern advanced technologies and best world practice, the competiveness of Turkmen textile and production at present is increased not only in local but also in foreign markets.

Close attention is paid to improvement of quality of production and its compliance with ecological safety requirements together with introduction of latest technologies to the industry.

Further, helicopter of the Head of the State has headed toward the construction site of another textile complex in Kaahka etrap, Ahal Velayat. The construction of this production giant has started in March 2018 and planned to be accomplished in 2021.

New complex, which include entire cycle starting from yarn spinning, making of fabrics, its dying and sewing, will process 5,000 tons of fine fibre cotton per year.

Work of shop floors for production of 3,650 “Compact penye” yarn, 12 million square meters of high quality fabrics including 10 million square meters of dyed fabrics and 1,200,000 ready-made items will be arranged in the complex.

From the helicopter, the Head of the State has inspected the course of construction of this complex. Further, the Head of the State has looked around the fields under wheat.

It is planned to produce 400,000 tons of grain in Ahal Velayat this year. Agricultural fields have been planted with highly productive winter crops. Modern John Deere, CLAAS and Case harvesters are used in the harvest campaign.

The leading branch of national economy has entered new level in the result of reforms in agricultural complex. Huge investments are used for technical rearmament and modernization of the infrastructure and service sectors of agricultural complex, construction of grain elevators, processing agricultural facilities, mineral fertilizer plants, water management facilities.

Increment of the state procurement prices on production, financial and economic stimulation of agricultural producers support the growth of the interest in results of their work.

After, the Head of the state inspected the construction of new administrative centre of Ahal Velayat from the helicopter. This grandiose project has become an important step toward successful realization of social and economic strategy of the Head of the State, which main direction is to make the best conditions for comfortable life of the population.

At present, construction of buildings of regional branches of Central Bank of Turkmenistan, State Commercial Banks Turkmenistan and Dayahanbank, Halkbank, Joint Stock Commercial Senagat Bank as well as branches of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, ministries and profile departments, industrial, communication, trade, agricultural, construction, energy complexes and municipal service, public organizations is continued according to the plans.

In addition, comfortable 7 – and 9 – storey accommodation buildings, Marriage Palace, secondary and professional educational facilities, specialized art schools, kindergartens and health centres are under construction.

The government has provided all capabilities for completion of outlined works on time and on high quality level. Modern powerful equipment is used at construction sites; the facilities under construction are provided with necessary building materials in required volume.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov always highlights that provision of high quality of construction works, integrated approach taking into account aesthetic and ecological aspects together with timely completion of construction are the main and mandatory requirement of contractors and customers.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has come by vehicle to bakery production complex of Ahalgallaönümleri Production Association where the Head of the State was met by the Speaker of the Mejlis, Vice-premiers, Hyakim of Ahal Velayat. Upon arrival, the Head of the State was informed about the rates of current harvest campaign.

In the meantime, transport loaded with grain has come to production complex and went to the scales. Having asked about the sequence of wheat processing, which is delivered to Gallaönümleri facility, the Head of the State had a conversation with participants of grain harvest campaign.

Tenant of Magtumguly Farming Association, Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat Batyr Palvanov, who told that he was engaged in farming for 12 years, was among the participants of the conversation. The grain producer noted that good yield of wheat has been received from23 hectares of leased land. Due to the government support of benefits, he is planning to produce 4 – 4.5 tons of grain from each hectare.

Having noted that the government would continue taking care of improvement of social conditions in rural areas, making opportunities for efficient work of farmers, successful solution of objectives specified in National Rural programme, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished success to the tenant.

Further, the Head of the State has talked to driver of Ahalawtoulag Production Association Parahat Yomudov. Having noted that all conditions have been made for work in the harvest season, P. Yomudov expressed gratitude on behalf of all drivers to the Head of the State for regular procurement of specialized modern vehicles from abroad.

Having noted that equipment used for the harvest campaign has been made by the work order of Turkmenistan according to adverse climate conditions of our country, the Head of the State noted that it would be reasonable to send driver to equipment manufacturer’s facility for training.

After, the Head of the State went with the tenant to the working room of weigher of Ahalgallaönümleri Production Association Sylapberdy Durdiyev. In the conversation with worker, the President has asked about his work and conditions made for it. Having wished success to the worker, the Head of Turkmenistan said that the government would continue supporting young people making proper conditions for work and life.

The President of Turkmenistan has focused on the necessity of reaping of the grain without losses, provision of proper storage of grain and responsible and scientifically based approach to its processing. All of these are the main factors of improvement of well-being of people, provision of food abundance and improvement of export capabilities of the industry, Turkmen leader said, having addressed directions to profile officials.

Together with tenant, the Head of the State went to the laboratory of the complex where he had a conversation with the Senior Specialists of Quality Control Department, which is a part of the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Protection, Dovran Allakulov.

Introducing the process of inspection of the weight, humidity and purity of grain, the specialist told about conditions for work, capabilities of modern equipment. The President expressed interest in inspection of purity, quality and nutrition factor of produced flour and how it is enriched with iron and folic acid.

Having exited the laboratory, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to ready-made product packing shop. This facility includes four lines where production of wheat flour, pasta, bakery and polypropylene bags has been arranged.

Production of the workshop for production of wheat flour is 80,000 tons per year and consists of two autonomous systems. One of them is designated for production of high and first class flour while another one for production of flor for pasta. The grain goes to special unit for moisture; it is cleaned and sent for milling.

High quality flour goes to ready-made product warehouse where it is packed in special 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg bags and small packets using specialized automatic equipment. Quality control is implemented at each stage of production starting from preparation of raw material to production of ready-made goods.

At present time, packing of flour received from hew wheat harvest is carried out at the facility. The President has put commemorative sign and date at one of the bags filled with flour. All types of production made at the facilities from various species of wheat grown this year have been presented at the exhibition organized in this place. Looking around the exposition, the President noted the quality of production.

Having wished further success in work to the tenant and driver, the Head of Turkmen state presented them valuable gifts.

After, the President held working session on the outcomes of working trips to the velayats. It was mentioned that situation in the regions demonstrates proper level of works carried out by farmers.

This is visually indicated by rich harvest of wheat, number of new agricultural equipment used in the fields. There are good results in production of fruit, vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops. All of these prove the efficiency of decisions aimed at further development of agricultural complex, provision of food abundance of the country, the Head of the State said.

The President of the country specified self-sufficiency of Turkmen state in agricultural production, saturation of markets with various food products satisfying demands of Turkmenistan citizens among the main current objectives. Special importance is paid to introduction of scientific achievements to the production for enhancement of soil fertility as well as to timely completion of agricultural and technical activities.

The government makes all conditions for farmers and tenants who dedicated their life to the farming and receive generous harvest would be able to get rich from the result of their honest work. Fundamental reforms carried out in rural areas support to improvement of life level of personnel engaged in agricultural production.

Working trips to the velayats for inspection of the course of grain harvest campaign at agricultural fields of the country, work conditions, solution of social and living issues on sites have become very efficient and received substantial character, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stated with delight.

Decisions and resolutions of the Government aimed at strengthening of food abundance of the country support the improvement of wealth of the people and authority of the country in international arena.

During the session, the Head of the State highlighted the subject of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War. Turkmenistan’s delegation would participate in the ceremonial military parade in Moscow, the Head of the State said, having noted that he wrote new poem “Durnalar” about the bravery demonstrated by Turkmen soldiers in the Great Patriotic War on occasion of this glorious event.

Cauldrons were placed and tables are laid on occasion of current event. Women and girls were making dough and cooking various dishes of flour and pasta, baking bread in clay ovens, brewing tea in pots.

Speaking with women, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has asked them about their work, study, living conditions, wishes and dreams.

Having highlighted importance of women’s contribution to this noble activity, the President noted the significance of upbringing of younger generation in the spirit of respect of national traditions. The efforts put for continuation of primordial noble principles of people in modern age support the development of strive to work, love of home land among the youth.

Cooking, and baking of bread are the sacred activities, Turkmen leader said and wished them success. Our ancestors used to grow wheat with big love and took care that the bread was good, the Head of the State continued, having noted that our people, which always highly respected bread, has carefully preserved and passed the advises on value of bread to generations.

All of these are the outcomes of fundamental changes, which main purpose is to turn Turkmenistan into prosperous state. Today, our country has excellent conditions for life of all citizens, their creative work and deserved holiday. Social wealth of people is regularly improved, the Head of the State noted.

Having wished success in creative work for the sake of the country and nation to all, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left the place of event.