On March 22, the head of the state has visited the Presidential Ahalteke Equestrian Complex. The news about delivery of the first foal from legendary Akhan has been informed to the President of Turkmenistan while his was visiting the complex.

The head of the state has tied up a charm, which was made by his mother Ogulabat eje, around the neck of foal, which was a sign of continuation of national traditions that comes from the depth of the centuries.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted that birth of this foal in the year of wide celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence and 140th anniversary of Ashgabat is an inspiring event.

Following the tradition of national horse breeding to give name to new foal, which is consonant with the name of the father, the President gave name of Ashgabat to the offspring of Akhan by the first letter in the father’s name and in honor of the 140th anniversary of white-marble Turkmen capital.

Thus, new foal from Akhan and Lyalegyz received an excellent name Ashgabat in the year marked with glorious events.

As is known, Akhan from the line of glorious Gysakar was born in 2006. He has enhanced the world glory of ahalteke horses with its unbelievable speed and beauty.

Riding Akhan, the head of the state took part in number of celebration events. Special role was given to glorious Akhan in the events organized on occasion of National Turkmen Horse Holiday.

Akhan took part in the opening ceremony of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games in 2017 and the rider has lit up the torch of this sport forum raring the horse.

In 2018, Akhan has managed to walk 10 meters of 4.19 seconds while rearing and to renew the world record in this nomination. These facts contributed to enhancement of the glory of ahalteke horses and international recognition of Akhan’s victories.

Throughout the centuries, Turkmen horse coaches were improving the breed of ahalteke horses and preserved its unique characteristics. Silky mane of Turkmen horses, beautiful exterior, light moves and unbelievable power are visual results of high level of skills of horse coaches and national breeders.

Using wide opportunities made in the country for preservation of the purity of the breed of ahalteke horses and improvement of work for their training, Turkmen horse breeders carry out an efficient work in this direction.

Ahalteke horses are the symbols of our rapidly developing independent Motherland. Beauty, intelligence and uniqueness of ahalteke horses conquers the horse breeders from all over the world. Throughout the centuries, our ancestors were breeding this world famous horse and have preserved its purity by their hard work.

Happy Journey, Ashgabat! (turkmenistan.gov.tm)