Festive celebrations were held in Turkmenistan today on the occasion of the Day of Healthcare Workers and the Medical Industry.

One of the main events that provided a wonderful opportunity to familiarize the general public with the significant achievements of domestic healthcare and further building bridges of cooperation with foreign partners was the International Scientific Conference “Healthcare, Education and Sports in the Era of Power and Happiness”, held today.

Heads and employees of the healthcare system, teachers and students of the university were invited to participate in the plenary session of the forum, held in a hybrid format in the conference hall of the Myrat Garryev State Medical University of Turkmenistan.

Eminent scientists-professors, doctors of sciences, high-ranking representatives of the fields of health, education and sports from a number of foreign countries, including Russia, Germany, France, Romania joined them through videoconferencing.

The business part of the forum was preceded by a solemn ceremony honoring distinguished employees of the healthcare system and the medical industry, who made a significant personal contribution to the transformation of Turkmenistan into a country of health and high spirit, multiplying the main wealth of the country – ensuring people’s health. In accordance with the Decree and Resolution and on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, they were bestowed state awards and commemorative badges, as well as all participants of the conference – the 13th volume of the fundamental work of the head of state “Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan”.

Turkmen doctors were congratulated on their professional holiday by their colleagues from near and far abroad via direct video link, who highly appreciated the achievements of the healthcare of sovereign Turkmenistan that meets the standards of the World Health Organization, as well as important international initiatives put forward by the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. First of all, we are talking about new approaches to the development of international cooperation in the field of healthcare, recently announced by the head of Turkmenistan at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly and aimed at combining efforts in developing consolidated, mutually agreed responses to the global challenges of our time.

The forum highlighted concrete achievements in the implementation of the state policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the field of healthcare, aimed at steadily strengthening the material and technical base of the industry, improving the quality and range of medical services provided to the population.

Highly appreciating the large-scale work carried out in the country to create a perfect, adaptive to modern conditions health system, the participants of the international forum expressed confidence that steadily following the chosen course, Turkmenistan will take a leading position in the world in terms of the level of development of health protection, which is the key to the happiness and well-being of the people.

Further, the work of the international scientific conference continued in five sections held in the largest institutions of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry – the Hospital with the Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiology, the Department of Centers for Infectious Diseases, the Ashgabat city Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health, the Health House #11, the Center for Public Health and Nutrition.

The topics of the discussions held here are Infectious Diseases; Non-Communicable Diseases; Maternal and Child Health, Surgical Diseases, Public Health and Epidemiology.

On the same day, scientific and practical conferences dedicated to the achievements of domestic healthcare in various fields were also organized in healthcare institutions in all the velayats of the country.

Turkmenistan Celebrates the Day of Healthcare Workers and Medical Industry