The economic society "Türkmen Senagat" develops new types of products from polymer raw materials. In the near future, a site for the production of drip irrigation systems will be equipped with modern automated lines, which will significantly reduce the consumption of water and fertilizers, significantly increase productivity, and save time spent on irrigation.

The equipment purchased by the entrepreneurs will ensure the production of two types of systems - round - for irrigating orchards and fruit plantations, and flat - for irrigating cotton fields, potatoes, onions and other sown areas. Also, within the framework of the tasks defined by the National Rural Program for the introduction of relevant water saving technologies into production practice, entrepreneurs are mastering the production of geomembranes, which are widely used to create artificial reservoirs when organizing drip irrigation.

On the industrial base of the economic company, from raw materials purchased from local manufacturers, the production of household products is organized - here up to six tons of disposable plastic bags, garbage bags, plastic film up to 120 cm wide are produced daily. For the manufacture of waste collection bags and other products, the latest equipment is used - automated blowing lines.

Entrepreneurs increased the production of products from local polyethylene raw materials several times - water, gas and corrugated sewer pipes of large diameter and corrugated pipes of small diameters for laying electrical networks. On the industrial base of the economic company, for this purpose, seven modern extrusion lines are involved, of which four are new, which made it possible to expand the range of pipes. They mastered the production of all standard sizes of water and gas pipes with a diameter of 16 to 630 millimeters, which have chemical resistance and can withstand high pressure for a long time.

Now the enterprise monthly produces from 300 to 400 tons of pipe products. However, the use of new high-performance equipment for the production of polymer products will allow the enterprise to produce monthly up to a thousand tons of pipes of high quality and reliability, and to fully provide public utilities and builders with products for the repair and construction of engineering networks in cities and towns of the country.

Actual technologies - for the needs of agricultural technology (