A solemn opening ceremony for a new modern complex of cottages "Rowaç", which has replenished the resort infrastructure of the Avaza National Tourist Zone, was held today, on the Caspian coast, with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who is on vacation.

The ceremony participants greet President Serdar Berdimuhamedov with great enthusiasm.

At the new building awaiting the opening, the head of state is joyfully greeted by children with cheerful exclamations and poems.

An inspired vocal and choreographic composition performed by masters of arts brought bright colors to the palette of the celebration.

The culminating moment is coming - to the friendly applause of the audience, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov cuts the traditional ribbon - the Rowaç cottage complex is open!

The head of state enters the territory of the complex and goes to its Service Center. Here, the President of Turkmenistan got acquainted with the infrastructure of the cottage town, designed for 240 families and capable of simultaneously accommodating about 900 people.

The implementation of this project was carried out by the private enterprise "Sabyrly maşgala" and economic companies "Güneşli deňiz" and "Kent gurluşyk", which are members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. Having an impressive potential, domestic entrepreneurs are now fruitfully working in various industries, demonstrating the best business qualities. Private companies are actively involved in the implementation of large-scale national programs deployed in the country, they are entrusted with a large amount of construction work in the capital and regions. They also successfully participate in the development of the Avaza National Tourist Zone, which is clearly evidenced by the modern recreation centers opened here earlier, and the cottage town put into operation today.

The landscaped territory of the complex, for the construction of which a land plot of 10 hectares was allocated, has 48 two-story cottages with comfortable rooms, as well as sports and children's playgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool. The Service Center has a restaurant providing high quality service to its visitors. In short, it provides all the conditions for a comfortable stay that meet international standards.

When leaving the building of the Service Center, the President of Turkmenistan was greeted again by children’s fervent performance. At the request of the young Turkmen citizens, the head of state took a photo with them as a keepsake, after which he continued to inspect the complex.

On the way, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the exhibition of dishes of national and foreign cuisine, which was organized by UIET member enterprises specializing in public catering, as well as samples of products of Turkmen entrepreneurs.

This original exposition demonstrated the diverse potential and wide opportunities of domestic private business, which has achieved great success in various fields of activity, including in the service sector. So, here one could get a visual idea of the menu of cafes, restaurants and celebration centers, offering their visitors a wide selection of Turkmen cuisine dishes, reflecting its unique gastronomic “flavor”.

These are all kinds of dishes from meat, poultry and fish, cereals, vegetables and melons, soups, pastry culinary products, dairy products and drinks prepared according to old recipes. Among them are tamdyrlama, ishlekli, yarma, dograma, different types of pilaf, chorba, samsa, pishme, suzme, chal, agaran and much more. At the same time, the exhibition demonstrated the original proposals of modern culinary masters, in particular, on the preparation of seafood dishes. And of course, traditional sweets and desserts are presented here, without which no holiday can do.

Today, the national cuisine, which has been formed over many centuries, being an integral part of the cultural heritage of our people, not only retains its importance in the life of the Turkmen people, but is also enriched with new culinary delights. From generation to generation, recipes for various dishes were passed down, which are still cooked with pleasure in every family. The book "Bereketli türkmen saçagy" ("Turkmen dastarkhan"), published on the initiative of Arkadag, is dedicated to the national culinary art, its history and original traditions. Having gained wide popularity in our country, it aroused great interest abroad.

In continuation of the topic, it should be noted that at present, Turkmen entrepreneurs have successfully mastered the production of various types of cheeses, meat, in particular, sausages, fermented milk products, as well as confectionery, soft drinks, juices, ice cream, which are of high quality.

In addition, the exhibition demonstrated the fruits, vegetables and melons produced in the country. In a word, the generosity of the Turkmen dastarkhan was presented here in all its diversity and abundance.

Along with this, today the menus of cafes and restaurants in our country include a wide range of dishes representing the national cuisines of the peoples of other countries. Their preparation was perfectly mastered by our chefs and confectioners, which was clearly confirmed by the current culinary exposition.

The chefs expressed heartfelt gratitude to the head of state for the conditions created for fruitful work, mastering the national and world culinary arts, improving professional skills, as well as for active support in the development of the domestic hospitality industry.

Then President Serdar Berdimuhamedov proceeded to the cottages. During their inspection, the head of state inquired in detail about the conditions created for vacationers, the layout and arrangement of the premises. In the cottages, within the walls of which rooms are located, which are distinguished by a cozy atmosphere, all the amenities for a comfortable family vacation are provided.

The layout of the rooms includes beautifully furnished bedrooms and living rooms. There are also kitchens equipped with appropriate equipment, so that vacationers are given the opportunity to cook their own food if they wish. Original elements of national decor were used in the interior design of the premises, which gives their interior a special flavor.

Guests have at their disposal a restaurant, a SPA center that provides a set of physiotherapy procedures aimed at improving and relaxing the body, a karaoke bar equipped with modern specialized equipment. In a word, "Rowaç" provides its guests with services of the highest standard.

After getting acquainted with the cottages, the head of state handed over to the chairman of the UIET the keys to the cars intended for the new Rowaç complex. The head of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs assured the President of Turkmenistan that the members of the UIET would continue to work selflessly, making a worthy contribution to the prosperity of the Motherland.

Then the President of the country proceeded to the coast of the Caspian Sea, where a modern recreational infrastructure is being formed. Today, a festive atmosphere also reigned here, music and songs sounded. The head of state was interested in the conditions created for the recreation of Turkmen citizens in the open air, including for physical culture and sports. For this purpose, a sports ground, equipped on the seashore, is intended.

In the coastal cafe located here, visitors are offered teas from medicinal plants growing on Turkmen soil, as well as fast food. By the way, our people have a long tradition of making healthy drinks. Medicinal plants, successfully used in the national practice of healing for centuries, are effectively used in modern herbal medicine.

Avaza is an ideal place to relax at this time of the year. In the course of getting acquainted with the conditions created here, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov addressed the relevant leaders with specific instructions on optimizing the measures taken to ensure a high level of comfort for people. Vacationers, and especially young Turkmen citizens, expressed their sincere gratitude to the head of state, under whose leadership in our country, the land of happy childhood, all opportunities are provided for a fun and interesting pastime during the summer holiday season.

The favorable climate of the seaside resort, golden sandy beaches, warm sea, healthy air provide optimal opportunities for active and useful leisure for both adults and children.

Today, beach sports have become very popular in the world, in particular, varieties of volleyball, football, and even tennis. In addition, the sea is a natural "arena" for water sports - water skiing, rowing, windsurfing, sailing regattas. Thus, the NTZ "Avaza" has all the conditions for mastering and practicing these exciting sports disciplines, which, along with an interesting pastime, will certainly contribute to strengthening health and hardening the body. In this context, we recall that in 2014 NTZ "Avaza" became the venue for the stage of the Windsurfing World Cup, with which Turkmenistan entered the calendar of international sailing tournaments for the first time.

In continuation of the topic, it should be noted that the sports component was initially identified among the priority vectors for the development of the Avaza National Tourist Zone. One of its infrastructure facilities is a multidisciplinary sports complex, which was opened in April 2017. This sports town includes a number of facilities corresponding to international standards, designed for game, water and winter sports, martial arts. The complex, equipped with specialized equipment and inventory from leading world manufacturers, also has fitness rooms with universal simulators that provide effective training for both professional athletes and for lovers of physical culture and sports of different age categories.

At the same time, Avaza has favorable conditions for cycling, as well as for cycling, during which you can admire the picturesque beauty of the ecologically clean coast of the Caspian Sea and the magnificent architectural ensemble of the tourist area. In a word, rich recreational potential, guidelines for advanced technologies and innovations, a creative approach to achieving the set goals determine all the prerequisites for the “pearl of the sea” of the country to become a recognized center of both international tourism and sanatorium and resort recreation, as well as sports.

Upon completion of familiarization with the conditions created on the Caspian coast for recreation and sports, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov proceeded to the territory of the Rowaç cottage complex. Here the head of Turkmenistan warmly said goodbye to the participants of the celebration and left the place of the event.

Thus, the opening of a new infrastructure facility of the Avaza National Tourist Zone, which took place today, has written another bright page in the historical annals of an independent neutral Motherland, steadily advancing along the path of peace, creation and progress.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening of a new cottage complex on the Caspian coast (